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Assurance Writing is the consultancy of Dr Jonathan Warren, an American PhD social scientist.

Dr Warren has edited or written a wide variety of academic, business, government, and other formal documents, for clients in Canada, China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand, Turkey, the UK, and the US. He especially enjoys helping non-native (ESL) English speakers write well in English.

Dr Warren's credentials include:

  • having published several academic works with large publishers (e.g., IEEE Computer Society Press, Sage, and Springer);
  • having done several peer reviews for the Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST);
  • having edited and done research for over 27,500 epidemiology reports for the US government (Consumer Product Safety Commission);
  • over a decade of experience using AP, APA, Chicago, IEEE, MLA, Oxford, and other style guides;
  • having scored in the top 1-5% of readers and writers on the main US English standardiz(s)ed tests;
  • being a native US English speaker;
  • being broadly acculturated in US, Canadian, British, and other international varieties of English; and
  • training in a variety of social science, computer science, and statistics topics.

For Dr Warren's full CV, see here: A4 version and US letter version.




Applications, journal articles, book chapters, CVs, dissertations, recommendation/referral letters, theses, etc.


Letters, proposals, reports, resumes, etc.


Applications, forms, letters, etc.


News articles, popular science books, technical blogs, etc.

Services not provided

  • For ethical and legal reasons, Dr Warren can only proofread or edit, but not ghost-write, academic assignments for students.


"While Jonathan was my employee, he showed a strong work ethic, an excellent attention to detail, and outstanding research capabilities. He was one of those employees you could not only depend on to be able to do a complicated task, but also depend on to actually do it in a timely manner. In the short time I was working with Jonathan I had the pleasure of giving him multiple performance awards for taking on extra work, training coworkers to handle new tasks, and providing programming support throughout the work unit." —Craig O'Brien, Branch Chief, US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
"I worked with Jonathan for a little over two years at the Consumer Product Safety Commission, where he designed computer programs and performed internet research. Jonathan brings to each task an incredible work ethic, creativity, and great technical proficiency. He always performed at a level well above what was expected. For example, he learned SAS (the only programming language at his disposal) on his own so that he could address our branch's complex reporting requirements. Time after time, Jonathan identified ways that workflows and research methods could be improved to increase efficiency and/or accuracy and then developed the necessary computer programs or reference documents to implement the enhanced procedures. I always felt that I could trust Jonathan to find solutions to challenging problems and I am confident that you can too." —Cathy Irish, retired Branch Chief, CPSC
"Jonathan Warren is simply the best researcher you could get for your needs. He is already highly skilled in a full spectrum of relevant technologies, statistical techniques and research methodologies. He is careful in his approach to any problem, and painstakingly thorough in its execution. He is intelligent and learns any new subject quickly. You will not find a more knowledgeable, flexible and capable researcher anywhere on the market." —John C Paolillo, Associate Professor of Informatics and Information Science, Indiana University
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